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A Day in the Park
By: Donna Peterson
October 17, 2014
     On this precious warm day in October, the clear blue sky is dotted with small cotton ball clouds.  Bella merrily frolicks with her three-year-old daughter Diamond Under the azure canopy. 
     Bella and Diamond are white Siberian Huskies enjoying their daily afternoon visit to South Run dog park in Springfield, Virginia.  Their human mom, Norma Younes, has a week off from work and says "they know" when they're in the car each afternoon that they're on the way to run and play.
      Tails wag as the three jostle each other around in circles, then Caesar sprints off, looking back to assure himself that he's got two pretty Huskies on his tail.
      Owner Patrick Flores adopted Caesar, just a year and a half old, from the Virginia German Shepard Rescue a month ago.  The rescue told him he has a lot of energy.  "He likes to get other dogs' attention to interact with them," says Flores.

Bella and Diamond made a new friend as the three slowed down and went back to their owners for a familiar pat.

     South Run dog park is one of seven dog parks run by Fairfax County, Virginia, in public/private partnerships sponsored by local groups.  Each park varies in size and dogs they will accommodate and pet-friendly features.
     At South Run, there is a ramp for Bella and Diamond to traverse, large metal dog bowls for water, balls and an obstacle course jump.  Bella takes a drink and then decides to splash as much water as she can on herself this particular day.
 Not long after Norma enters the fenced area and lets Bella and Diamond off their leash, a sleek, black German Shephard named Caesar bounds over and tries to get their attention.
Caesar and Bella, South Run Dog Park, Fairfax, VA
Photo by: Donna Peterson
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Crossing the bridge over the Potomac River from Maryland into Virginia, you’re in Fairfax County.  Fairfax County allows leashed dogs in all county parks, and the county has seven dog parks throughout the county, run through public private partnerships with local community organizations.  We have two favorites within easy access to 495 and I-95 and one that has easy access but is not a recommend.


Annandale - Mason District Park is a short distance from the 495 Beltway of I-95.  This park is listed for its ease of access from the 495 Beltway but not a recommend because of the difficulty to locate the dog park once inside this large, heavily wooded park and inadequate signage throughout the park and woodlands.


Springfield - South Run RECenter dog park is a favorite because of its size and installed activities for dogs. 

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There is a ramp bridge for climbing on and obstacle course jumps of varying sizes, along with balls and watering facilities at this large, fenced park, just a short distance from the parking lot and well marked.


Alexandria - Westgrove P.A.C.K. has the feel of a soccer field, with parents’ lawn chairs lined up along the benches to accommodate all the people watching their loved ones play. It is an active park that has a limit of 83 dogs, with separate areas for small and large dogs.  This park is at the southern end of the Beltway, at the intersection with I-95 Southbound.   The deer families strolling by can be mistaken for dogs off the leash!


This list leads from north of Baltimore and loops around Washington, D.C., to points south.   Please check out the links below for specific information about the parks highlighted here, for specific information about rules of use, hours of operation, security and facilities.  Also, check out for additional parks along your journey.


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Disclaimer: makes no guarantee, warranty or representation about the accuracy of the information contained on this site and is not responsible for its accuracy.  The information on the site is sourced from park visits and publically available information.  It is recommended that readers contact the municipality for current information about the park.

Westgrove P.A.C.K. - Alexandria, VA
Photo by: Donna Peterson
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