Several years ago, Max came into my life.  He was just 8 weeks old.  In the beginning, Max was like most 8 week old puppies, he slept, ate, went to the potty, played for a few minutes and then started the process all over again.
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Our Story
As Max grew, it became apparent that he had too much energy to be satisfied with just a walk in the neighborhood.  His love was running -- running just for the sake of running. 
Being a city dog, our yard did not give Max sufficient space to fully expend his energy. He soon discovered ways to escape from the yard and quickly located the neighborhood golf course. 
The first park we found was the Dog Park in Pembroke Pines, FL.  At first glance, this park seemed to be perfect.  It had large open areas for both large and small dogs, covered benches (it gets very hot in the summer in South Florida), water and even an area with a hose an a concrete pad with several small children's wading pools.
Max embraced this park immediately.  He took off running and didn't look back.  After a few trips to the Dog Park, Max began exploring the park more fully.  This was when he discovered his next passion, cooling off in the wading pools.
At first, this was enjoyable for both Max and myself.  He was hilarious in how he selected a pool to lay in (check out the video of Max making his pool selection on our video page).  Then one day, lying in the pool was no longer any fun.  Without warning, Max left the pool and ran over to a large area adjacent to the pool that was nothing more than a huge mud puddle.  He wallowed in that puddle until you couldn't tell what his true coloring was.  Then suddenly, Max jumped up from the puddle and ran towards all the people sitting around watching their dogs, and shook all that mud off of him.  People could not run fast enough from Max.  We left the park with our heads hanging low.
Max's visits to the dog park became less frequent as we needed time to fully bathe him after each outing. I once again began looking for other park options.
I found that locating these parks can sometimes be tricky.  State, County and City websites contain so much information, it is hard to find what you are looking for.   As Max and I began visiting other dog parks, it became apparent that the condition and amenities of the parks varied greatly.  Max and I decided to share our knowledge of the various dog parks with you and this website was born.
Just like other websites that list dog parks, we have listings of the park and address of the areas we cover.  Unlike other websites, we have personally visited many of the sites we list.  Max has personally visited most of the parks in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  Others, I have visited without Max. 
This way I can report to you what we actually found at the park.  It is amazing how many parks are not located where the official website says they are (some list an office building address instead of the physical address).  The maintenance of a park is important.  Seeing a park listing that says it is a fenced, off leash dog park is not helpful when you arrive and the fence gates are broken.
Max and I have had a great time traveling around, experiencing the many dog parks.  We are not done and continue to travel the country to locate and report our findings.  Be sure to follow Max on twitter as he travels around the country checking out the dog parks.
At first, the people at the golf course chuckled at Max's exploits.  Unfortunately, Max wore out his welcome and I soon began receiving phone calls with stern tones requesting that I remove Max from the golf course.
Around this time, I had heard that some cities had off leash dog parks. I began our quest to locate a dog park where Max could open up and run to his heart's content.
Max enjoying Walton Rock Dog Beach, Ft. Pierce, FL
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Max enjoying himself at a dog park
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